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Gdynia Design Days 2014

Jul 1, 2014
GDYNIA DESIGN DAYS 2014 – what this year?
This year's festival Gdynia Design Days, under the slogan CITY +, creating a new project, and not only recreate it. Innovative projects, presented during the event, will become a natural part of the landscape of Gdynia.
The implementation of the festival works PPNT design center in Gdynia, in collaboration with a group of professionals, from the Polish and abroad. The premiere of the projects already have 4 July 2014. We would like to invite You to Gdynia !
Designers who invited to co - create the festival, design brand new, socially committed utility objects, which are to respond to the needs of the urban community. The premiere of this projects will take place during Gdynia Design Days 2014.
The structure of this year's festival program revolves around the slogan CITY+, differentiating exhibitions and projects according to contractual division of population into three age groups: 5+, 30+, 60+. Residents depending on age, have different needs and each of them creates a different relationship with the city. The projects will attempt to find a common denominator between generations 5+ and 60+, which are filled up with 30+ group.
The festival will begin be initiating from a meeting led by Dr. Hubert Bilewicz, an art critic. Panel participants will try to answer the question: "What is the city?". In addition, the host of the meeting, will bring leading characteristics of Gdynia, presenting the historical overview, urban and sociological.
The main exhibition at creative ways to respond to the motto of Gdynia Design Days. Curator Agnieszka Jacobson-Cielecka invited to participate in the exhibition CITY + 5.30.60. young designers from Polish and foreign, who as external observers will present a fresh look at our region. All of projects will be a prototypes, that will be shown during the festival to the general public for the first time.

At the festival there will be projects that sort out the residents problems. The initiative "BEACH 60+" will be explored the relationship 60+ generation of Gdynia beach, which is one of the most important points on the map, senior daily activities. The result of designers work, will be innovative objects, taking into account the specific characteristics and needs of older people. Projects are based on sociological research on how to exploit the beach by seniors, as well as research related to forms of elderly recreation.
As part of the project "Greenhouse MOBILE CITY - greenhouse cucumber cultivation with a view of the sea" attention is focused around generational habits, which show that the pensioners in connection with more free time, still like to spend it working in the allotment. Unfortunately, allotments are increasingly disappearing from the urban landscape, which is why we want to offer an alternative in the form of urban greenhouse. The objects which are will be created by such projects, they have a chance to existence after festival, in urban landscape Gdynia.
Mobile greenhouse will be presented at Terminal Design Square Kashubian, which this year will be divided into age zones. 5+ zone - for the youngest - "relationship building site" is an interactive playground, where every builder can construct, everything they can imagine. The playground dedicated to children's, becomes a place where all generations can coexist. 30+ space will refer to the archetype of the perfect home that connects generations. The hosts, are 30+ residents, which invite into their roof, children and grandparents. The exhibition is complemented by exhibition devoted to social phenomena taking place in the present cities. We will present projects showing changes in the context of urban planning, ecology and microeconomics - both those that are the result of the authorities, as well as those which are the result of the residents efforts.
Gdynia Design Days 2014, the event, during which all design enthusiasts will find something for themselves. Numerous lectures, workshops and actions in public space will allow us to understand the city and could feel like at home. I hope that this will integrate us, as a residents CITY +.
The team invites Design Centre Gdynia - Gdynia PPNT
We will be there!