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Klinika betonu - concrete brand

Jun 14, 2014
On June 12, 2014 the Concrete Clinic inaugurataed the opening of its operation in the Warsaw exposition pavilion Soho Factory. Place under the banner of Concrete Clinic space open for creative people, lively meeting point for architects and industrial designers who want to realize their projects in concrete.
The premiere exhibition shows how you can use a concrete matter, inspiring possibilities and versatility of its applications - from the classic two-dimensional plates “béton brut”, through concrete dyed and sophisticated three-dimensional models, to the unusual solid objects.
The Conrete Clinic also place for the purpose of promoting young talents in design and integration specialists and artist from different backgrounds. The presentation of Izabela Tomczak, dress collection 3Dtal, architect and graduate of University of Technology, was accompanied opening. In the future Concrete Clinic space will be also organized art workshops and other exhibitions.
The partner of opening ceremony Conrete clinic, became renowned manufacturer of concrete matrices - the comapnay Reckli. The official media patronage of this event was provided by the

Architektura Murator and “Design Alive”.

 The Concrete Clinic Showroom in SOHO was formed with our contribution.